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Pride in Performance

High Performance & Wellness Center


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the area’s leading performance and wellness team, NASSAU FITNESS.

Nassau Fitness is a proud member of the Exercise With a Purpose consortium. Exercise With a Purpose is a collection of high performance and wellness centers that boast the nations most highly accredited tennis specific strength and conditioning coaches, corrective exercise specialists and experts in the art of mental preparation for sport.

Nassau Fitness has completely redesigned and upgraded the fitness facility here at Nassau Tennis Club, with a grand opening scheduled for January 2017. Lead by Dr. August Leming and Coach ‘B’ Whalley, the Nassau Fitness coaching staff will be operating the facility itself and managing all high performance training. Dr. Leming’s team will be providing individual and small group training to the entire Nassau Tennis community 7 days a week with hours of availability from 6am – close. In addition to the Nassau Fitness team bringing their decades of experience coaching high school, collegiate and professional athletes around the world, Dr. Leming himself will also be head quartered here at the Nassau Tennis Club providing his unique brand of sports psychology and high performance coaching.

Please take the time to contact the Nassau Fitness staff to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY MOVEMENT ANALYSIS AND INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAM DESIGN. Nassau Fitness will be providing these introductory services to all members of the community. Email us or call: 888-NASSFIT